Monday, June 27, 2016

How I "Didn't" Attend #cuerockstar But Will Implement What I Learned Next Year...or Maybe Run My Own Beta Test Tomorrow...#notatiste2016 Karaoke Party!!

This not attending conferences thing could catch on!  If only I weren't already getting in the habit of "not" attending one conference while sitting in another...but that's a post for my other blog...on another day...probably...

So, I had a vague awareness of Cuerockstar through my Twitter PLN, but to be honest, I never really paid much attention, because since the title of the conference ended with "rockstar" I simply assumed it had nothing to do with me.

*sidebar -- This post in my other blog that I wrote after attending the EdCamp Organizers' Summit addresses a bit of my process of "letting go" of being constantly starstruck (it's a process...not gonna lie...I totally geeked when I realized my picture was on the wall at ISTE...still human...) and always feeling "less than" some of my better-known colleagues is worth a look if you ever feel that way.

One of the amazing members of my PLN, Sarah Thomas, put out an all-call to the EduMatch Voxer group for volunteers to help with two Cuerockstar sessions on EduMatch Bingo that she was offering.  These sessions were something Sarah referred to as "beta tests" of the concept (read: highly experimental, and somewhat risky...depending how you define risk).

I participated in the Voxer group in both sessions, and in the Google Hangout as well in the second session.  I can tell you that Sarah is a master of reflection, and the changes she made between the two sessions were impactful.

As a result, though I did not technically attend Cuerockstar, I was there virtually, and consequently I have a deep context with which to understand Sarah's blog post, which I am reading and re-reading in preparation for my own beta test...

#notatiste2016 Karaoke Party!

I am a 20 year karaoke addict.  Please don't recommend a 12-step program.  I am not interested.

I joined the volunteer group for #notatiste2016 and lo and behold...there was a spot for a virtual karaoke host! (no, really, I'm not making this up).  I did a bit of inquiring, and found out (now it seems erroneously) that last year's party took place via Google Hangout.  So I created a Google Hangout.  Then...someone suggested that we start a Voxer group.  I thought, great!  The possibility for asynchronous karaoke! (If you're a karaoke fan, check out the Smule App).  Then, somehow, spontaneously, I think it might have been through the Oh Snap Snapchat Voxer group, (wherever it came from I am hereby publicly crediting/blaming Cynthia Day and Dan Kreiness #shenanigans) the idea of the LipSync Battle was born...which is appealing to ANOTHER segment of people who want to have fun, but don't want anyone to hear their voice ( I can't relate, but to each his/her own!).  We have some other surprises planned as well...but never having done ANYTHING like this before, I'm relying on my tendency to fly by the seat of my pants and what I learned from Sarah's sessions and reflections.

As with all things, my end game is to see how I can make this work in my classroom.  The differentiation possibilities are clear.  The language use possibilities (Presentational Speaking, Presentational Writing, Interpersonal Communication, Interpretive Listening, Interpretive's all there, folks.) are absolutely ENDLESS, which means it's not just another flashy use of tech for its own sake, but can truly transform learning into something we've never before experienced.

And I can't wait to meet the students who blow my mind with ideas I haven't even thought of yet.


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