Friday, October 28, 2016

Haven't Tried This Yet, BUT...

So, my good friend Sarah Thomas @sarahdateechur shared this post on Facebook.

Now Chino Otsuka is a photographer, who no doubt has better PowerPoint skills than I, however, once I got the idea in my head, I thought this could definitely have some really cool applications in the WL classroom using a site like or a tool like Google Drawings, albeit with much less panache.

So, I've never been to Paris with my daughter, but don't we look nifty? I used fotoflexer to edit the photos, because while it's a bit more robust than Google Drawings for that purpose, it's not as frightening to me as Photoshop. I layered the two photos in Google Drawings. The Eiffel Tower shot came from a simple Google image search (noncommercial use with modification).

Play a little Where's Waldo?

I've really always wanted to show a gargoyle who's boss

Zombies are everywhere else, why not the Louvre? (Yes, I went there. I Snapsmashed. I can't help myself.)

So, again, I haven't tried this, and therefore I'd LOVE to hear some ideas from you!


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