Friday, July 1, 2011


Soooo...Free Tools challenge #6:  DoInk.  After using Bitstrips for comics and Goanimate for animations, I wondered if DoInk could offer me anything new, different, and/or better.  The answer is no, DoInk has nothing to offer ME.  That is not a deficiency on the part of DoInk, however, but a complete and utter dearth of artistic talent on my part.  I tried, and I tried, but the effort it required for me to create something resembling ANYTHING...well...I'm embarrassed to even admit it. I have no doubt that I have students who would take to DoInk like ducks to water, and create beautiful, sophisticated graphics and animations that would make me proud.  I also know, however, that there are a fair number of students who, while they certainly have more artistic talent than I do, might be intimidated by this tool in conjunction with their own lacking confidence.  So given these variables, I'll be sticking to apps that are a bit less DIY and a bit more "use what we have to offer and make it your own".

Here's my test animation (try not to look directly at it -- you might go blind!)

my pathetic attempt by mmebrady, made at

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  1. Tracey, thank you for reviewing DoInk. We appreciate your feedback & hope you will give us a 2nd chance. A feature you may not have explored, but is incredibly powerful for people like you & me who are not artistically inclined is DoInk's remix capability. You can create an animation without drawing anything by using our composition mode & community shared art. You can search on millions of art "props" created & shared by the DoInk users & then remix into your animation. For example, you can choose a background you like, add a sun, pick a bird & then using our path tool have it fly across the sky. This remix model is unique to DoInk & incredibly powerful. Great for storytelling & collaboration between students. If I can ever be of any help, please email Thank you!