Thursday, September 1, 2011

More on the Student PLN

OK, so if you follow my other blog then this video should look familiar from my last post.  It's Adam Grant's TED Talk about gratitude, teacher burnout, and why you should always wear a dark suit. does this connect to student PLNs?  Two things came to mind:

1.  Grant talks about connecting with alumni.  Social media makes that much easier than in the past.  My thought is to contact former students -- particularly those who have continued with the language -- and invite them to contribute to the #parlons Twitter hashtag.  It gives students another dimension to their PLN, extra support when they are struggling, and perhaps inspiration to continue in the language.

2.  I love the idea of gratitude.  I think it's something that doesn't necessarily come naturally to teens, and I think, particularly in a "professional" capacity, that it is a skill we should develop in our students.  To that end, I propose incorporating #jvvr (je voudrais vous remercier) into #parlons.  I am not entirely comfortable with using #FF, because students suggesting follows is a little bit too far outside of my comfort zone, and I like the direct "thank you" of #jvvr.  I do like the idea of designating one day a week for this, perhaps Friday for the sake of consistency.

What do you think?

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